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    Student TypeDescription
    First Year StudentYou are a senior in high school (this includes dual enrolled students) or you have never enrolled in a college or university.
    Transfer StudentYou are currently or were previously enrolled at another college or university (this excludes dual enrolled students).
    Transient Student OR Non-Degree Seeking StudentYou are currently enrolled at another college or university (your home institution) and plan to takes courses temporarily at Central State University with the intention of transferring the course credit back to your home institution.
    You have earned a bachelor’s degree and plan to take courses to satisfy prerequisite requirements for admission into a professional program. Apply here instead!
    Readmit StudentYou have not been enrolled for more than 2 semesters and have not earned a bachelor's or graduate degree during your time away from Central State University. This includes students interested in the Marauder Returns program.

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